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  The complete set of integral refractory permanent layer for furnace ladle

Product description:
The complete set of integral refractory permanent layer for furnace ladle researched & developed by us is a set of special technological equipment which continuously pours the refractory material into a ladle and forms a permanent layer. This technological equipment makes the ladle life double increased with the continuous casting at 180~280 furnace of liquid steel compared with that of masonry technology which is only 50~80 furnace of liquid steel. Therefore, it requires fewer ladles to reduce the investment. Adopting the integral casting not only means signality to stabilizing the full casting production but also greatly improves the hardness and work environment for the workers.

leyu乐鱼体育官网The complete set mainly includes following equipments:

  1. ladle pouring truck
  2. refractory layer forming tank
  3. prep stand of forming tank
  4. rotary feeder
  5. water-supply system
  6. dedusting equipment
  7. refractory charging equipment

leyu乐鱼体育官网The tank is the core equipment for the integral refractory layer, includes the permanent layer tank and forming tank, consisting of the shell body, main axes, main support, hydraulic system, centring device, vibrating motor, electric cylinder and electric control cabinet etc.

Product images:
leyu乐鱼体育官网 1、Delivery of the forming tank

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